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Super Mario run hack

The gaming giant Nintendo is the brains behind the Super Mario, where their mascot Mario is used as the face of the game. The games are about the adventures, Mario experiences in their fictional kingdom called the Mushroom kingdom. Every level has a theme and the player has to jump, run and sprint across the enemy lines to complete the task given. Every game has a very simple plot like Mario is expected to rescue the princess Peach from Bowser, the antagonist. From the year 1985, when the first game was released there have been several versions released by Nintendo. In fact, there has been one Super Mario version released for every release of Nintendo console or handheld device.

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Super Mario run hack

What is Super Mario Run?

The game is scheduled for release across multiple platforms before end of this year and will be a free game and other in-app purchases included. This will be the first of the Mario Game to get released for the mobile phones. It will again be a side scrolling game where the player has to move the Mario across multiple hurdles and get him out of the level, the enemy lines, at a fast pace. A simple tap on the screen will make the Mario to jump over the hurdles. As the player proceeds through the levels, there are various places where he/she can collect the coins.

Coins – what they can do?

There are many rewards provided to the players as they move through the game and most of them are in the form of coins. The player has to collect a certain amount of coins to gain certain attributes, like an additional life will require 50-100 yellow coins and so on. There are many different coins to be collected from the game like silver, star, dragon, etc.

In certain versions of the game like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy, the coins were a source of replenishment for health and when Mario is under water, it was used to get him air. The Player was also provided with the option to enjoy the benefits of a Power star once they collect a certain amount of coins. Every version defined the value of the coin differently and their relevance also varies. For instance, the blue coin which acts as a substitute for 5 normal coins in Super Mario 64 is a side quest in the Super Mario Sunshine version. Coins are also used to unlock certain objects or to move up the levels in different versions. Coins are highly significant as they provide access to different items, different levels and even a lifeline for the Super Mario.

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